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Create, Deliver and Manage
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NEXTMETA provides you the future of Mobile Learning

Welcome to MEME WORLD

Mobile First

  • Short Form
  • Micro Learning
  • Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile contents builder
Quick, Easy and Cost Effective

Active Learning Active Learning Active Learning

Active Learning

More then 20+ Active Learning Modules.
Engaging and immersive learning contents delivery.

  • Drag n drop
  • Matching
  • Multiple words choice
  • Multiple pictures choice
  • Drag-and-Drop Matching

  • Embedded answers(cloze)

  • Drag and drop onto image

  • Multinumerical

  • Multiple Choice

  • Matching

  • Ordering

  • Random short-answer matching

  • Recording

Hyper Personalized

  • Personalized learning tailored for each student's learning habit
  • Analyze individual learning habits
  • Recommendation of best learning modules

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